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Farécla launches new improved G3 Ultra premium compounding system

Leading compound and refinishing manufacturer Farécla Products tells us that it has enhanced the performance of its G3 Ultra premium compounding system with a new formulation which has already been adopted at a number of premier bodyshops around the country with great success.

“We always listen to what our customers tell us and we are delighted to have upgraded the original formula to offer bodyshops a compound that will meet their needs and surpass their expectations in terms of consistency of cut, better gloss and ease of use,” said Rob Wilkinson, Technical Director, Farécla Products. “G3 Ultra performance relies on its advanced and complex emulsion system called Fluid Dynamic Technology, which allows the abrasive particles to work smarter.

However, in some circumstances the foam pad could soften resulting in a loss of cut apparently, although this wasn’t actually from the compound itself. The new formulation has changed the emulsion system to restore consistent cutting performance to the foam and compound combination. We recommend the soft Red Waffle Pad for second step polishing with G3 Fine, although the firmer Yellow Waffle Pad will be retained in the range for use if needed on harder, non-fresh paint.”

The new packs have also been enhanced to feature colour-coded caps, i.e. blue for G3 Ultra and grey for G3 Fine, for easier, see-at-a-glance identification and to distinguish the new G3 Ultra Compounding System from its predecessor (which had white caps).

As a result of the improvements to the Premium System G3 Finish will still be available but not promoted as an integral part of the system.

“In revising the formulation we have achieved consistency of cut at or above the level of the best in the market – and with better gloss and greater ease of use than competitor products,” said Rob. “We have also revised the price to ensure that new G3 Ultra delivers not only the best quality finish, but also offers superb value for money.”

The new compounding system combines with Farécla’s G Sand fine abrasives to form a complete cost-effective system for blending and post-paint defect rectification.