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Farécla launches optimised paint system

The Auto Body & Motor Claims Expo at Event City, Manchester this week sees the launch of a new twist in paint cups

, Farécla’s Optimised Paint System featuring a lid that twists securely onto the cup and the gun and a cup that twists and collapses as the paint is sprayed.


Thanks to its robust 2-piece, quick to assemble design, paint can be mixed directly in the cup, used, refilled and disposed of which allows greater productivity for the bodyshop, reduces downtime and saves money on solvents and waste disposal. Users simply twist the screw-fit lid onto the cup and then twist the gun onto the lid. The robust gun to cup connection means there is no risk of it breaking and the closed system prevents leaks and allows for inverted spraying in hard to reach areas.

The Optimised Paint System Flexible Cups are also ideal for “over the scales” mixing which helps improve efficiency and reduces the risk of erroneous mixes. The Cup is designed to collapse with a slight twisting action when spraying, to help increase paint usage efficiency and reduce waste disposal costs. And because the cups are disposable, there is no need for intensive cup cleaning and it also means solvent consumption is considerably reduced.

David Stokes, Marketing Manager at Farécla commented: “To quote the ad slogan, Farécla’s Optimised Paint System is ‘Brilliantly Simple’ and that allows bodyshops to make significant cost savings whilst at the same time simplifying their paint preparation process. We are confident that Farecla’s new twist on paint cups will be a hit with bodyshops.”