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Faster and better with Farécla

When it comes to fast effective process, from paint preparation to paint rectification, Farécla has it covered. The innovative manufacturer continues to introduce groundbreaking products that improve productivity while driving up quality.

Farecla G Sand
Take Farécla’s G Sand range of film backed discs (P1200, P1500 and P2000), for example, designed to help streamline sanding processes. The anti-static film backing ensures a flatter disc resulting in a more even mineral coating for a consistent scratch pattern and improved cutting action. The technology offers numerous benefits to end users so that a quality finish is achieved and typical problems like clogging and shelling are eliminated:

Longevity/fewer discs used and less time changing discs

Flatter Surface/Reduced Orange peel

Consistent Scratch pattern

Easier & Quicker to Polish

Higher Final Gloss after Polishing

And now Farécla has developed a P3000 foam backed disc to complete the G Sand range, specifically for use on Ultra High Solids and Scratch Resistant Clearcoats. G Sand P3000 performed extremely well in evaluations by paint companies and in extensive trials in bodyshops. Testing by a premium car

manufacturer also confirmed Farécla’s own findings: that the price and durability of G Sand P3000 discs make them the most cost-effective P3000 available.In addition to their durability G Sand P3000 discs offer a great consistency of scratch pattern, reduce polishing time and glide over the surface whilst still cutting efficiently, i.e. no clogging.

“Consistency of scratch pattern is an important factor in reducing polishing time and this is a quality factor which the P3000 foam-backed discs have in common with the P1200, P1500 and P2000 film-backed discs already in the G Sand range,” said Rob Wilkinson, Technical Director, Farécla Products.

“Our new G3 Ultra compound does an excellent job from P1500 on most paint surfaces, but for scratch resistant coatings we needed to add the P3000 to our range,” said Rob. “Development of the G Sand P3000 discs took three years because we were determined only to come to market once we had matched or bettered competitor quality with a more cost-effective product.”

Farécla is helping many bodyshops to help improve key to key times with a number of rapid repair solutions. These include disposable mixing/spraying cups, mobile infra-red dryers for speed drying fillers, basecoats and clearcoats, a universal plastic repair system and aerosol primers that are cost-effective and real time savers.