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Faster process times from a bottle

When it comes to flatting and polishing, Farécla’s high tech G3 Ultra offers significant labour savings and faster process times. Thanks to the trademark Fluid Dynamic technology in many cases it is a one step process. Bodyshops that are using the new compound say that it is unbeatable in terms of performance, speed, gloss level and better than anything else on the market.

G3-Premium-System-copy2Whether fresh or fully cured, HS or scratch resistant, Farécla G3 Ultra is, on average, 20% faster than any other compound, and the harder the paint surface, the bigger G3 Ultra’s lead over the competitors as many bodyshops are discovering. G3 Ultra and G3 Fine are also water, rather than petroleum-based, so there is no unpleasant skin irritation for operatives, and they have less than half the VOC content of many competitor products.

One recent convert to G3 Ultra is O’Flaherty Motors – a well established bodyshop in the heart of Dublin with an enviable reputation for quality repairs and service. Run by third generation, Declan O’Flaherty, it was one of the first bodyshops in Ireland to see the new G3 Ultra and Ultra Fine system.

The bodyshop repairs a diverse spectrum of cars, anything from a Fiesta to a Bentley or Aston Martin. “We don’t discriminate towards what cars we repair, we generally find that people come to us because we do good work,” said Declan. “In fact, we are actually repairing cars for the great grandchildren of our original customers.”

Every aspect of repair is quality controlled. Product performance is continually evaluated, and when the bodyshop heard about Farécla’s new, high tech, G3 Ultra compound, they were keen to see a demonstration.

“We’ve been using Farécla G3 Ultra and G3 Fine for about two months,” said Declan. “We are very impressed with the new system. Compared to what we were using, we find that G3 Ultra gives us the cut which the previous product gave us, but it doesn’t leave the bad swirl marks. It’s a much faster, easier and cleaner system to use. We finish with G3 Fine to eliminate any possibility of any swirl marks and to get a really good finish.

“We have a history of using Farécla a long time ago, products have moved on and we are delighted to see that Farécla have come back because they generally represented quality. G3 is a quality product. We will be looking at their sanding system, G Sand. If it has been developed specifically for these particular products, we would be very interested in seeing them.”

James Curries in Belfast is another fan of the new compound. “G3 Ultra is fantastic,” say James their polisher. “It produces an excellent gloss level on both fresh and cured paintwork – great! It’s a big advance on older Farécla products that we’d been using and I’d say it’s also better than competitor products we’d used in the past too. Overall, G3 Ultra is a brilliant product and I will definitely be sticking with it.”

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