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Febi offers advice on steering and suspension components

Steering and suspension components are highly sensitive parts and driving vehicles with worn steering parts can lead to expensive bills for the vehicle owner and puts lives at risk.

Traffic calming measures such as speed bumps, salt on the roads in winter and potholes are wearing steering and suspension parts prematurely. Couple this with the new tighter NCT regulations on steering and suspension leaves you with no doubt that high quality and regularly serviced parts are essential to not only keep a vehicle under control – in every day driving as well as in crash-avoiding manoeuvres, but also to ensure it passes its next MOT test.

In the UK the ball joint dust covers have become testable items and will henceforth fail if they no longer prevent the ingress of dirt.

Motorists are generally not aware of how dangerous it can be having worn steering and suspension parts in their vehicles. Unstable braking and loss of control while turning and at high speed are some consequences that could occur.

Many think that having electronic aids such as anti-lock-braking might guarantee safety. But how many vehicle owners are aware of the fact that steering components are the only things holding the wheels on to the vehicle?

This is why steering and suspension parts must be produced to a high precision level. febi bilstein do not make any compromises and strictly comply with the specification of the manufacturers, to ensure that not only the quality of material is on par but also the fitting accuracy. So you can be sure that our steering parts fit exactly to the corresponding vehicle.

febi uses best practice to ensure the quality is no less than 100 per cent, and applies a zero tolerance approach to errors. This means that if a part doesn’t match up to these standards it will be discarded without a second thought. To further ensure this high level of accuracy febi parts are produced with modern CNC machines.

The material is checked metallurgically and mechanically undergoing a series of tests and various monitoring devices.

Behind all this are febi’s highly skilled specialists who are committed to delivering the best spare parts, helping keep vehicles on the road safely.

Because febi fully complies with OE specification if a car has drop forged aluminum control arms, then when you buy the replacement part from febi, it will also be drop forged aluminium. If the vehicle has spot welds febi ensures that the number of spot welds used by OE is exactly the number that they use.