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Finol unveils new website

Finol Oils has launched its redeveloped website at

Finol Oils earlier this year celebrated its 35th anniversary in business, and as the company expands it felt the website needed to be upgraded to bring it into the  modern interactive era.

The fundamental idea with the website is to provide a resource for all customers and users of lubricant products and to help users better understand products and to make sure they are  getting the right oils and the right service for their needs.

Which oil and why?

Finol Oils is constantly being asked ‘which oil’ for this car and what lubricant for that machine?  Finol hopes to be able to solve these questions on the new site and also to provide answers to some questions you never thought to ask.

To this end Finol has created the ‘which oil blog’ where the company will share its
vast knowledge and experience of lubricants and provide an insight into the workings of oils and why choosing the right product for can save time, money and improve efficiencies.

The new website also features the ‘which oil finder’ an application which allows viewers to find the correct oil for their machinery and vehicles, whether its the engine oil,  transmission oil or even just the right coolant to use.

This application is very easy to use. Viewers just have to choose the make and model and the application will display the correct products to use.

The website also includes a comprehensive database of products online, broken down by category. All the Total, Elf and Actioil products that Finol stocks are included. If you can’t find what you are looking for contact Finol directly.

Each product’s “uses and specifications” are displayed on the site along with Technical Data Sheets and Material Safety Data Sheets, which are downloadable from the site.

Finol’s raison d’etre goes much further than selling products. The company provides other value services to its customers.

You can also read about the company’s partnerships with major manufacturers and for those with an interest in history, you can find out about the company’s own history, and see the faces behind the people in the company.