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Fitting parking sensors to new bumpers has just got easier

Stanners-Press-it-Kit-copyFitting parking sensors to new bumpers has just got easier thanks to a new tool introduced by Stanners called Press-It. Most replacement bumpers are delivered without holes for mounting the parking sensors and it can be difficult to drill these holes by hand. However, it is critical that the hole and bracket are mounted precisely in order to allow the sensor to function as intended.

The Press-it kit from Stanners enables you to punch a hole on a bumper, whatever the size required, and then by using the spacer kit that fits on most hot-stapler guns you can weld the parking sensor holding bracket to the bumper without risk of burning too deeply into the bumper.

Another feature of Press-it is that paint won’t get scratched or damaged. This is a big advantage, because the OEM manuals stipulate bumpers should be painted before punching the holes into the bumper. As a result of using Press-it there are no sharp edges.

Michael Stanners, Director, Stanners Equipment, commented, “Because of the sensitivity of the parking sensors they have to be fixed with millimetre precision to guarantee they function properly. Previously holes were drilled by stepped drill bits. The problem is that the bumper is unusable if the hole cut is too deep. The size of the hole required also varies between different vehicle manufacturers, but with Press-it you can make the correct diameter hole using the mandrels which are included in the Press-it kit.”

The kits comes with a standard set of mandrels to make 18.2, 24, 26 & 32mm holes. These sizes cover most cars including BMW, GM & Volkswagen. There are also optional sizes available (18 & 26.7mm) for Skoda vehicles.

To watch a video of Press-it in action, visit or click on the following YouTube link – https://youtube/YqPLmEepN-Y