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Five vehicle washing tips from Farecla

Don’t wash you car in direct sunlight

Your bodywork can get hot in the sun. Hot panels mean cleaning products and water drying out leading to watermarks which are difficult to remove.

Don’t jump straight in with a wash mitt

Ideally use a snow foam to pre-clean the vehicle – to soften, loosen and remove potentially damaging particles before touching the surfaces directly.

Use two buckets

One wash bucket with your shampoo solution, one rinse bucket with clean water. When you need to reload your wash mitt with shampoo, before dunking it into the bubbles of your wash bucket, rinse your mitt in clean water to remove the dirt and grit you’ve just removed.

Choose you shampoo

Your vehicle might not have greasy roots and dry ends, but choosing the right shampoo for the task is still important. In the G3 Pro range, you’ll find High Shine Shampoo, a low-sud formula for inspecting paintwork as you clean, Wash & Wax adds a high shine, protective layer as you wash. You can also use two capfuls of G3 Pro Snow Foam in a bucket for a high foaming shampoo without added wax.

Dry your vehicle

For the same reason as not washing your car in the sun, if you allow the puddles and drips left on your car to dry naturally you’ll be left with watermarks. A microfibre drying towel is soft and absorbent to remove standing water quickly. Use G3 Pro Surface Sealant to add a durable hydrophobic coating to your vehicle which will make drying a breeze.