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Flake identification made easy with Standox

The latest update in colour retrieval software from Standox includes a new tool called the Effect Navigator, which improves the selection and search efficiency of the Genius spectrophotometer. This special fan deck helps the refinisher to identify the flake size on paintwork, to help with  matching the formula.

Jodie Henly, Standox brand specialist, explains, “the Effect Navigator is a set of 25 colour chips with five lightness levels, each of which has five effect levels. When searching via Genius, the measurement is used to identify the best matching formulas in the same colour and lightness group.”

“Tests have shown that the relative lightness or darkness of the colour of the paint work affects the way our eyes judge the coarseness of the effect. It is even harder when it comes to pearls and Xirallic colours, and often sparkle can be confused with effect. The Effect Navigator combines the visual impression with the latest technology to ensure the best possible match.”

Standox offers the following guidelines to get the best results from the search process:

  • Measure the colour on the vehicle near the damaged area.
  • Read the lightness value indicated by the Genius.
  • Take the corresponding set of five chips in the Effect Navigator and determine the flake size.
  • Connect the spectrophotometer to the Standowin software and select the measurement.
  • Filter the search with vehicle make, code, effect level and quality, and start the search as usual. In the list of best matches, the effect value will also be listed, which gives an extra indication of how accurately the formula will match the colour. If there is any doubt about the given formulas, the result comparison can help evaluate the colour differences.

The Effect Navigator tool is free to members of the Systems Tools+ Genius Programme.

To find out more about the Genius spectrophotometer visit the new digital colour management microsite,, which gives information on all Standox digital colour tools. Standox also runs a dedicated Genius training course at the Refinish Academy. For more information contact your local distributor or visit