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Ford introduces new key fob to prevent car theft

From 2021, all new Ford models will come with an improved key fob that the company claims will make its cars harder to steal.

These keyless entry fobs will become disabled when not in use to prevent “relay attacks”, where thieves use a computer device to boost the signal from keys stored inside a property to steal a car.

The key fob will go into ‘sleep mode’ when stationary for more than 40 seconds and will not respond to attempts to hack its signal.

Moving the keyless fob by picking it up will restore full functionality. The Ford fobs are designed to operate only within a two-metre radius of the cars they are bonded to.

The Fiesta and Fiesta Van are already being delivered with the new fobs, while all new Focus models built from May 2019 will come with the key.

Simon Hurr, Ford’s security specialist said: “The online availability of devices which have no place in public hands has long been a problem for Ford, our industry and crime fighters. We are pleased to respond with a simple but effective solution – swiftly implemented to help protect owners of our top-selling cars.”