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Get hot and steamy with Kärcher HDS pressure washers

When it is so widely known that hot water cuts through grease and kills germs more quickly and effectively than cold water – no one does the washing up or bathes in cold water by choice. It is perhaps surprising that more people haven’t yet applied the benefits of hot to their professional cleaning.

By increasing the supplied water temperature to up to 80°C for general cleaning, or up to 150°C for steam cleaning, Kärcher HDS hot water machines shift oil and grease more easily, dramatically improving final results with a timesaving of up to 35 per cent.

Hot water causes workshop oil and grease stains to emulsify, making them quicker and easier to shift, and accelerates chemical processes to make detergents work more effectively. The heat also plays a crucial role in killing germs, and because the object being cleaned is warmed by the hot water, drying times are reduced often resulting in a better finish.

Due to their increased cleaning efficiency, reduced labour and detergent costs, running costs can often be lower than their cold water counterparts.

To help promote its outstanding range of hot water pressure washers to an ever wider audience, Kärcher is now offering an extended 2 year warranty on all HDS hot water pressure washers purchased before December 31.

To find out more about how hot water can make a difference to your business and for full details of the offer, please visit: