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Glass’s eSalvage service to help clean up vehicle disposal in Ireland

The introduction by Glass’s of an online platform to manage vehicle salvaging in Ireland is set to bring practical and economic benefits to everyone involved – as well as increasing safety and reducing crime.

Crash-ClGlass’s will be working with Mackessy Technology, combining its own technology with Mackessy’s FNoL Direct (First Notice Of Loss) system to track the collection and processing of vehicles in real time. Insurers, accident managers, fleet companies, vehicle recovery operators and salvage agents will be able to interact much more efficiently than ever before. In particular, this total loss system allows rapid transmission of images and video evidence to help in making decisions.

Joe March, Glass’s Commercial Manager for eSalvage, says: “It’s in the interests of all concerned to make the right decision – quickly, ethically and with the benefit of sound information – on whether a damaged vehicle can be viably repaired or should be destroyed. An easier and faster process saves time and money for insurers and repairers. Shortening of settlement periods, and more efficient administration in general, is also good news for customers and should help in retaining their business.”

He adds: “At present, the process can be slow, expensive, disorganised and confusing. It can also result in the reappearance on the road of vehicles that should have been destroyed. Often this is due to third parties or agents selling such vehicles as repairable after settlement. As well as damaging the industry, this practice may result in further accidents and even loss of life. A knock-on effect is that their re-use may require the theft of another vehicle and its identity, which is a further incitement to criminal activity.”

Philip Mackessy, Managing Director says: “By combining our revolutionary FNoL direct system and Glass’s proven eSalvage platform we have created a process that offers a true beginning-to-end solution for insurance providers.  Streamlining information flow between all parties will result in better, faster claim decision times and significant cost savings.”

The eSalvage service will reinforce Glass’s strategy of guaranteeing the destruction of all category A and B vehicles. In each case the image and certificate of destruction generated will now be logged on the eSalvage system. Glass’s network is independently audited on a regular basis to ensure that the policy is followed.

Glass’s says that this approach brings peace of mind, through confidence that agents bidding on vehicles will generate the best returns, based on their status, and that only those determined as suitable for repair will be offered to the market for reinstatement.