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Glasurit Eco Balance chalks up sustainable success

In late 2017 BASF’s premium paint brand, Glasurit launched its first product line that helps save fossil raw materials and reduce CO2. And after the first year, it has been revealed that Glasurit Eco Balance product line has enabled Glasurit to save 90.7kgs of CO2 since its launch.

As a result, not only is Glasurit contributing to sustainable environmental and climate protection, but also body shops using the new product line.

Glasurit Eco Balance is a refinish product line certified according to the biomass balance approach. For the biomass balance approach, parts of the fossil resources are replaced by renewable resources, such as bio-naphtha or biogas from organic waste or vegetable oils, already at the beginning of the production process. This share of biomass is mathematically allocated to the new product line for automotive refinish products according to a certified method. By applying this calculative model, 100 per cent of the fossil resources can be replaced with renewable resources.

And the higher the demand for these products, the more sharply the share of renewable resources at BASF will have to increase. This means that by choosing Glasurit Eco Balance, both body shops and vehicle owners can play a role in conserving resources and providing sustainable relief for the environment.

The new portfolio encompasses six products, including primer, body filler, hardener, clearcoat and additives, that are used in particular for repairing bumpers and cosmetic and moderate damage. This means that body shops can repair the most common types of damage very efficiently and at high quality, and in an environmentally compatible manner to boot.

“We are proud to set new standards in the area of sustainability of refinish products and are very pleased that so many body shops are supporting our commitment to greater environmental and climate protection,” said Marco Benen, Sustainability Manager at BASF’s Coatings division.

In addition to launching the new product line, Glasurit is actively involved in other types of sustainable environmental protection, for instance, with refinishing processes and product packaging that help save even more CO2 emissions.