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Glasurit eliminates lead in CV tinters

Glasurit blazed the trail in professional commercial refinish paint, developing environmentally friendly solutions including materials with significantly reduced solvent content and chromate free etch primers. There has been an ongoing programme to eliminate the use of lead in Glasurit tinters and now all CV tinters are 100% lead free.

The elimination of lead has seen the introduction of the alternative two step system to ensure optimum performance of certain colours and these are identified in colour online.

A small number of colours out of the CV range require the option of the two step system, which reduces the number of colour coats required to achieve pinpoint colour accuracy and opacity.

The new simplified two-step process gives the painter the option of using 284-45 primer filler before recoating with the chosen colour, eliminating the need for the traditional method of using rAl 2010 as a white groundcoat.

Further efficiency can be achieved by mixing 284-45 cV filler with 568-408 cV primertinting paste to provide any one of the greyshades, to optimise the performance of top coat colours.