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Glasurit launches 839-85 Multi Brushing Body Filler

Glasurit users have benefited from a proven brushing body filler for many years, but now, with the introduction of the new 839-85 Multi Brushing Body Filler, painters can apply the body filler direct to the full range of metal substrates including bare steel, aluminium and galvanised steel.


839-85 is a 2K polyester body filler designed specifically for application with a brush and the new product, which replaced 839-80, eliminates the need for an additional primer. Compared to conventional processes, 839¬85 Multi Brushing Body Filler saves 15 minutes on every job.

This VOC compliant product provides a quick and simple solution to creating a smooth, pore-free surface over large areas or complicated panels.

Apply two to three even coats with flat natural bristle brush to provide a film build of between 200 and 300 microns, and it will air dry in 30 minutes at 20°C or between 5-7 minutes using short wave infra red.

For more information on the Glasurit range contact Team PR Reilly on 01 832 0006