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Glasurit launches Primer Filler Pro Black and White.

When Glasurit launched 285-270 Primer Filler Pro, bodyshops immediately identified the extraordinary potential of Direct To Metal technology as the key to fast and effective preparation of a wide range of substrates. Now with the launch of 285-230 Primer Filler Pro White and 285-290 Primer Filler Pro Black plus the established 285-270 grey, bodyshops have a comprehensive high performance DTM greyshade primer programme.

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The Primer Filler Pro greyshade primers are premium quality products that can be applied directly to bare metal, old paintwork, glass fibre and SMC panels. This versatile primer system has the ability to offer superb adhesion and corrosion protection, as a primer filler and high build primer over a wide range of substrates used in modern vehicle manufacture.

The Glasurit Primer Filler Pro primers are easy to use as primer fillers, employing just one mixing ratio of 5:1:1 with the high performance hardener 929-58 and the existing range of Glasurit 352 thinners.

Primer Filler Pro’s extraordinary flexibility as a multi-purpose priming system means it can also be used as a wet-on-wet primer for metal using a 4:1:1 mixing ratio using the same hardeners and thinners. Furthermore Primer Filler Pro can be used as a wet-on-wet plastic primer, using the same 4:1:1 mixing ratio with 522-10 Plastic Additive in place of the thinner.

The technicians at Glasurit’s research and development laboratories led the industry with the development of DTM (Direct To Metal) paint technology and the Primer Filler Pro 285-230, 270 and 290 greyshade primers are the result of an extensive R&D programme that has combined the excellent corrosion protection properties of epoxy primers with the ease of application of conventional two pack primers.

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