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Glasurit partners with Porsche Classic Center in Netherlands

Glasurit has partnered with the Porsche Classic Center Gelderland in the Netherlands for the repair of classic Porsche vehicles.

The centre is the only Porsche-approved Classic Center in the Benelux and was the first Porsche Classic Center in the world. It specialises in the restoration and repair of classic Porsches, focusing on original colouring using Glasurit’s Classic Car Colors system.

The restoration of classic cars depends on finding the exact colour. In many cases, the original OEM paint is no longer available on the market and that means the original colour must be approximated as closely as possible.

Glasurit’s online Classic Car Colors database not only includes the historical colour codes but the modern colours for these classic cars as well.

The Dutch centre will be using the Glasurit 90 series and 22 series for paint restoration. The full Glasurit system will be used for this purpose, ranging from primer to finishing coat. It will also make use of the different colour solutions offered by Glasurit, specifically focused on the restoration of classic vehicles.

This includes the Classic Car Colors colours database and the Glasurit Ratio Scan 12/6 spectrophotometer. This device uses two light sources – a blue and white LED lamp – for its measurements and produces six photos and 12 geometries. This makes it possible to accurately analyse the colour and texture of the pigments; even ‘difficult’ colours can be reliably identified.

Glasurit will also be providing training to the Porsche Classic Center Gelderland team. During the training, the spraying and pre-treatment team will be taught everything about how to obtain the best possible result with Glasurit products and will also learn how to work with the latest technologies.

Freek Janssen, manager of Porsche Classic Center Gelderland said: “Of course it is important that Glasurit is a Porsche-approved OEM, which means that its paint products and systems are approved by Porsche.

“Through Glasurit’s Classic Car Colors system Porsche Classic Center Gelderland has access to an unprecedented range of colours, all with high colour fastness.

“Furthermore, excellent technical support and fast and good service also played a role in the company’s decision to partner with Glasurit. All of this taken together produces the very best end-result for customers having their Porsche restored or repaired by Porsche Classic Center Gelderland.”