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Glasurit undercoats in the limelight

Once the topcoat has been applied, the undercoats are soon forgotten. Yet even the highest-quality paint system would soon show its age without a primer, body filler and filler. Glasurit, says it undercoats have far more to offer than just adhesion, corrosion protection and stone chip protection. They also offer efficiency

As an additional benefit, Glasurit undercoats help save time, material and money in the bodyshop. But first things first. To start with, undercoats are of fundamental importance for the paint system. From the outside in, they provide corrosion protection and adhesion. From the inside out, they are the prerequisite for a paint system to retain its attractive appearance for a long time to come and to withstand
a barrage of stone chips in the course of its service life.

Glasurit already pointed out the key importance of undercoats for the paint system 80 years ago: “If the foundations of a house collapse, the storeys above are bound to follow. The undercoat is the foundation for the paint

From body fillers and primers to fillers, undercoats are a system unto themselves. They were developed for a wide variety of application fields and adjusted to each other. This means there is an optimal solution for every field of application. The products are easy and safe to process and can be adjusted flexibly to the workflows in the paintshop, for all application conditions in the given field, for wet-on-wet processes or dry sanding, mechanical or manual sanding.

A modern variant of this example is the new poster designed by Glasurit. Enlarged images of paintwork and damage clearly show what can happen if the undercoats are missing from the paint system.

The undercoats are a firm component of the Glasurit RATIO System. They were examined in combination with the Glasurit topcoat systems and meet the stringent requirements of leading car manufacturers. Bodyshops can therefore be sure that the undercoats, combined with the topcoats, will provide high-class results in terms of adhesion, stone chip
protection, corrosion and other forms of stress. In addition, approved products make it possible to offer repair services to dealerships who ask for product approvals. Bodyshops can use these to safeguard their business sectors and acquire new customers.

The fact that Glasurit undercoats have a low solvent content and therefore meet the European Union’s VOC legislation also make for safety in the bodyshop. Beyond this, the Glasurit range also includes waterborne products with an even lower solvents content. Bodyshops can therefore rest assured that they can meet the requirements of regulatory authorities, and that they contribute to reducing emissions.

Glasurit undercoats are premium products that enable first-class painting and economical operation. Efficiency is always high on the list of desired properties when each new product is developed. Saving time, material and energy are thus part of the programme when it comes to Glasurit undercoats.

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