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GYS has solution for starting and charging problems

Battery technology is advancing faster than ever, meaning the modern workshop has to take great care when carrying out previously simple tasks such as charging and starting. With the ever increasing use of GEL, EFB, VRLA and AGM batteries, modern vehicles being equipped with start/stop technology plus the need to protect sensitive and often expensive vehicle electronics, working with batteries can now be a complex and inherently risky business.

GYS Ltd. believes that to avoid costly mistakes all battery equipment used must meet all of the following criteria:

  1.  Safe for the vehicle through protection provided for vehicle electronics
  2. Safe to work with any lead acid battery type (e.g. AGM/Stop Start, GEL)
  3. Safe to work with any battery when the battery type is unknown

For starter/chargers, the Startium range from GYS offers the charging functionality of a premium battery charger combined with the convenience of a powerful starter. The advanced multi-stage charger will charge to 100 per cent and does not require supervision or the battery to be removed from the vehicle. At the end of the charge the charger enters a ‘float’ mode to maintain the battery at full charge.

GYS Startium continuously analyses the health of the battery and automatically adjusts the output voltage. The voltage and the percentage of charge are displayed on the digital screen.

The Startium can charge batteries discharged to as low as 1V. The SOS Recovery mode enables the recovery of sulphated batteries. If the GYS Startium detects a damaged or badly sulphated batteries, it will not deliver a current in order to protect the vehicle electronics.

Another real world challenge faced by technicians every day is that of being able to identify the battery type. Often the battery is not clearly labelled or alternatively it may not be easy to locate or access. The GYS Startium offers the GYS Universal mode which when selected allows the technician simply to charge the battery without the need to identify its type or if using charging points not even spend time locating the battery. This feature both saves time and added security knowing that the charge will be safe.GYS has solution for starting and charging problems