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Hella highlights the opportunity to proactively sell batteries

Today’s modern vehicles have many more electric motors, systems and technologies than a decade ago, placing far greater pressure on the electrical system and ultimately on the battery. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s possible that batteries will go flat through weeks, and potentially months, of limited use.

As workshops have not been ordered to close by the Government, drivers will still be utilising them, which is why Hella is highlighting the opportunity to proactively undertake battery checks and subsequently benefit from replacement sales.

Hella’s comprehensive battery range consists of four models: Classic, Premium, Supreme and AGM, to cater for every conceivable application, from passenger car and light commercial vehicles (LCV) to heavy duty and agricultural. 

The Classic range is designed for smaller capacity engines and older vehicles, providing a cost effective solution for these applications because of its reliability and maintenance free convenience.  

For general purpose applications, Hella has designed the Premium range for all classes of vehicle. It is one of the top selling models in the range and offers matching original equipment (OE) performance and a long service life, which is why the range proves so popular. 

With the Supreme, Hella provides a higher than OE specification solution for vehicles with extremely high energy consuming demands. Particularly ideal for diesel engines and vehicles with a large number of electronic devices and energy sapping additions, its robust design and optimised performance ensures reliability and a long service life.

The Hella AGM range is ideal for the growing number of vehicles featuring stop/start functionality, as it is designed to cater for this technology due to its excellent cyclic capacity, as well as providing up to 50% more starting power. 

When the battery does need replacing, Hella has ensured that technicians and factors can easily find a premium quality replacement. Hella’s battery finder provides fitting instructions, estimated fitment time and gives all of the technical information on the battery. 

The free tool can be accessed here: where users can search for a battery using the registration number, vehicle model details or VIN number and can be used for motorcycles, cars and light commercial vehicles.