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Hella presenting future lighting and electronic solutions at IAA

Automotive supplier Hella is presenting innovative lighting and electronic solutions for the key market trends – electrification and autonomous driving – at this year’s IAA in Frankfurt from September 10-15.

“The transformation of mobility towards autonomous driving and electric mobility is progressing inexorably. Hella’s core competencies in lighting technology and electronics play a central role in this process,” says Hella CEO Dr. Rolf Breidenbach.

Innovative Dual Voltage Battery for mild hybrids enables significant CO2 savings
Hella is presenting the new battery module solutions for the rapidly growing market of 48-volt mild hybrids.
The dual voltage battery management system, for which Hella received the Automotive Innovations award 2019, is a core product in this context. It combines the functions of a 48-volt and 12-volt battery (including low voltage battery management) within a single product in the installation space of a conventional 12-volt battery. The new battery module solution saves weight and space and can be conveniently integrated into existing vehicle designs.

The intelligent circuit of the cells allows the capacity of the Li-Ion batteries to be used in the 12-volt or 48-volt vehicle electrical system, depending on the application. The solution is primarily designed for the compact and mid-range classes and can help reduce CO2 emissions by five to six grams per kilometre. Series production is expected to start in 2023.

New road condition sensor extends sensor portfolio for automated driving scenarios
At IAA, Hella is also presenting a new sensor that will determine the condition of the road surface. The structure-borne sound sensor SHAKE (structural health and knock emission) is able to detect the condition of the road on the basis of even the smallest touches (e.g. vibrations of water drops whirled up) and to alert the driver, for example, of aquaplaning. The SHAKE sensor determines road condition information in real time and can share this information with other vehicles, it is also a necessary component for implementing automated driving functions.

With the SHAKE sensor, Hella expands its extensive sensor portfolio. With powerful radar sensors and front camera software, Hella already offers essential core technologies for assisted and automated driving. In this context, Hella pursues a flexible, scalable platform approach that realises cost-optimised NCAP functionalities, as well as more sophisticated functions for higher automation levels. In cooperation with the US start-up AEye, Hella is also stepping up its development activities in the field of LiDAR sensors.

New high-resolution digital headlight technology opens up a wide range of applications
With the Digital Light SSL|HD, Hella is also showcasing the latest generation of high resolution digital headlight technology, which is expected to be launched within the next three years. Digital Light SSL|HD is a further development and miniaturisation of existing Matrix LED systems. With more than 15,000 LED pixels of the fingernail-sized light source, it can be individually controlled and is the basis for flexibly programmable lighting functions.

Moreover, additional light-based security functions, such as an optical lane assistant, can be implemented, as can welcome scenarios or further forms of personalisation. At the same time, this technology opens up new perspectives for digital business models, such as an app-based control or on a pay-per-use basis.

Holistic solutions of the future for the vehicle front and interior jointly developed with partners
In addition, Hella is presenting new lighting concepts for the vehicle body and interior. Among other things, they support the trend towards autonomous driving as lighting modules on the vehicle exterior can contribute to communication between self-driving cars and other road users. With Plastic Omnium, Hella is also working on holistic concepts for the integration of lighting technologies into the vehicle body as part of the “Front of the Car” approach.

In cooperation with Faurecia, Hella is presenting pioneering concepts for the vehicle interior of the future at the IAA with a demonstration vehicle. The vehicle interior will be redefined in the course of autonomous driving, so a multitude of new functionalities and adaptation options to the different needs of occupants and the respective driving situation must be provided.