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Henkel highlights benefits of Loctite 5990 with new survey

Henkel has conducted a survey in conjunction with its UK wide retailer network of car spares and maintenance/repair services regarding the quality of its Loctite 5990 silicone sealant.

Henkel claims the comments gathered from users of this product reveal the high performance levels being achieved across a host of car and motorcycle applications.

Exhaust repairs, one of the most common bugbears for motorists, feature heavily in the responses. For instance, one user said: “I used Loctite 5990 on a Smart Fortwo CDI after replacing flexi pipe. I would certainly recommend it over any exhaust paste, which tends to get brittle with age.”

Another reported: “Having tried many exhaust sealing solutions, I can guarantee that Loctite 5990 is by far the best. Its superior bonding and heat resistance are fantastic, and has never let me down. I highly recommend this product and will continue to use it.”

A fellow user from Wales stated: “I used the product as a sealant on the inlet and exhaust manifold gaskets of my Mitsubishi Pajero 2.5 TD, and I couldn’t be happier. Perfect product and a very good price.”

A number of users rated the Loctite 5990 silicone sealant five out of five for quality, value and performance.

The Loctite 5990 is ideal for use on a vast range of metal, plastic, coated and painted surfaces (and combinations of each), and for applications involving large gaps up to 1mm. Delivering high temperature resistance up to 350°C, this non-corrosive silicone sealant cures on exposure to moisture in the air, forming a tough rubber gasket.

Of course, car owners are not the only ones to benefit from the characteristics of Loctite 5990, as a raft of motorcyclists responding to the survey, revealed. One said: “I applied this product either side of copper washers at banjo unions on my bike’s oil cooler. A superb first-time fix.”

Another motorbike owner reported: “I used Loctite 5990 on a 1978 Triumph T140V instead of fiddly paper gaskets, and as additional sump plug seal with respective copper washers. No leaks after a year. Highly recommended.”

Henkel claims ease-of-use is a major benefit of Loctite 5990, which is a one-part product that can replace pre-cut paper or cork gaskets. In particular, the thixotropic nature of the sealant minimises liquid migration after application.

Loctite 5990 has also been designed to offer high levels of oil resistance, making it suitable for use on flanges with permanent oil contact. Meeting the performance specifications of OE silicone gaskets, this low-odour product can fulfil virtually all repair and maintenance requirements.