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Henkel unveils Bondrite 1455 pre saturated wipes

Henkel, represented in Ireland by Team PR Reilly, has just introduced the fastest and easiest conversion coating process for body shop repair, Bonderite 1455 pre-saturated wipes.

HK074 Bonderite 1455 wipeThis new product offers distinct advantages over conventional etch priming, providing enhanced adhesion and corrosion protection for primer and subsequent paint layers.

The application couldn’t be simpler. Just wipe the bare metal horizontally and vertically, allow a few minutes to dry and start priming.  No tools are required, no need for masking and no overspray to rectify.  Bonderite 1455 wipes are chromium-free and low VOC and therefore kind to both the environment and the operator.  After use and when dry they become standard waste.

Bonderite 1455 wipes effectively replace all other complex and time-consuming methods and can be used on aluminium, hot and cold rolled steel, zinc and zinc alloys and galvanized surfaces.  This new Henkel introduction has been developed from a highly successful pre-treatment metal product, typically used to ensure architectural metal cladding remains corrosion free for many years.

In the body shop Bonderite 1455 provides both good adhesion and corrosion protection and a much tighter repair process by eliminating several stages, particularly overspray.

Even when masked it is easy for etch primer delivered by aerosol or spray gun to drift beyond the repair.  This has to be abraded, cleaned and dried to rectify the problem, a process that incurs more time and spray gun cleaning.  It also involves the use of extra solvent and compressed air.

In contrast, once Bonderite 1455 is wiped onto the bare metal, the sprayer can mix the primer and apply it as soon as the substrate is dry.  There is no likelihood of the mixed primer exceeding its use by time whilst any overspray is rectified, a danger that results in even more spray gun cleaning.  All pre-treatments can also be applied in the spray booth, eliminating the risk of dust contamination.

Bonderite 1455 converts every surface it touches and can even be used on relatively inaccessible areas.  It is suitable for up to 60% of all body shop repairs and is particularly good for coating knife edge mouldings, door edges and wheel hubs which, when etch primed, can be easily scuffed.

Unlike etch primer, Bonderite 1455 cannot absorb humidity if left uncoated, effectively attracting moisture onto the metal surface.  And although it is time-sensitive in terms of providing optimum tack, another coat will quickly re-create it if that window of time is exceeded.  In the meantime however, the bare metal has received instant short term protection.

For the modern accident repair shop, Bonderite 1455 wipes save time, cost and waste, helping to maximise work flow and profitability.  And as DIN standard salt spray tests prove that this product provides better corrosion resistance than any etch primer system it also introduces competitive advantage too.

For more information contact Team PR Reilly on 01 8320 001