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HID bulb replacement market growing year on year

Gas discharge bulbs, also known as ‘Xenons’ or ‘HIDs’ have been in use since 1991 and as a result the replacement of failed HID bulbs is growing fast.

Initially these bulb types were reserved only for the luxury car market; but today they appear as an optional extra in an increasing number of mid-sized cars.

Osram’s range of HID bulbs, known as XENARC®, produce up to 100% more light than halogen headlight bulbs but consume up to 50% less energy.

The Osram HID product portfolio has been extended and optimised to provide maximum performance with XENARC® NIGHT BREAKER® UNLIMITED, and ultimate style with XENARC® COOL BLUE® INTENSE allowing garages and workshops to easily satisfy all the needs of their customers.

Offer customers a choice and they are likely to upgrade to one of these performance HID bulbs.

The replacement market is growing by up to 20% year on year and garages and workshops can benefit from higher profit margins in this product segment than for all other automotive bulbs.

With a complete Osram XENARC® range, you can be more than ready to profit from this replacement wave.

Offer customers the perfect, OE quality solution for every xenon headlight system from Osram.