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How to save energy in the bodyshop

Energy costs have been increasing for years and are still continuing to rise. Energy saving in the bodyshop is therefore an important issue and Standox has come up with five easy to implement, cost-cutting tips for bodyshops to follow.


Jodie Henly, Standox brand specialist, says, “energy saving measures don’t have to involve a large financial investment. We’ve put these tips together to show that sometimes just a few simple changes can make a huge difference. We’ve found that bodyshops can cut up to 30% off their energy bills by following this advice.”

Tip 1: Use the waste heat from the air compressor.
Air compressors are real energy guzzlers. They only transform 10 to 15 per cent of the energy consumed into compressed air. The rest is lost in the form of heat. This waste heat can be used to heat the bodyshop or communal areas. The pressure system and all pressurised tools should be regularly checked and tested for leaks or damage. Even the smallest hole in a pipe can cost money. The compressor should always be switched off at the end of the day.

Tip 2: Replace old light bulbs.
Potential savings that can be made from lighting are frequently underestimated. The traditional 72-Watt fluorescent-strip lighting still used in many large bodyshops consumes nearly as much energy as a 40-inch LCD television. Switch to the more economical LEDs. They only consume 24 Watts and give the same amount of light.

Tip 3: Check the paint booth.
Modern paint booths are relatively economical, but older models often account for a large proportion of the electricity bill. Nonetheless, it isn’t always cost-effective to invest in new equipment. A better solution might be to upgrade existing paint booths by installing a heat recovery system. Then, heat that would be emitted, unused, in a conventional booth, can be recycled to heat it. Another very effective option is to fit new electronic controls. Booths that can only be switched on or off are frequently heated unnecessarily to very high temperatures. Intelligent heating controls for separate areas of the booth can save up to 40 per cent energy. If you have an older booth, seek advice from an expert.

Tip 4: Make changes throughout the bodyshop.
Use the energy saving function on printers, computers and copiers and don’t leave equipment on stand-by overnight, but switch it off. When buying electronic equipment for the office, look out for energy efficiency ratings. Use energy-saving light bulbs in office and staff areas, and in the bodyshop reception – they will pay off if the lights are on for more than an hour a day. Lighting activated by motion sensors is worthwhile in areas such as the warehouse, corridors and in changing rooms.

Tip 5: Get your employees on board.
Experience shows that simply a more efficient use of energy can save a 10-man bodyshop an average £1,250 a year. Raising awareness amongst employees doesn’t cost anything, but can be very effective.

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