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IMS Spot Alu from Autopaint Supplies

More and more vehicle manufacturers are opting for aluminium body panels, and replacing these can be very costly

The IMS Spot Alu FV, which is available from exclusive Irish IMS distributor Autopaint Supplies, allows for the repairing of aluminium panels.

The Spot Alu FV is designed specifically to perform dent pulling on aluminium.

Using M4 studs, this device allows eliminating the bump and impacts (door panel, hood, …) without stripping.

Its micro-processor is controlled with digital display. The tool can operate from 50 volts to 200 volts. It has a power setting of 0-10.

Included with the Spot Alu FV is an automatic gun. This gun has no trigger; the welding is automatic when the tip slides into the gun. The earth terminals are integrated to the gun.

Commenting on the IMS range, Ciaran Fox, Business Development Manager at Autopaint Supplies said: “IMS boasts an extensive range of collision repair equipment, from plastic welders to water cooled spot welders, dent pullers to lifting equipment and everything in between.

“For 50 years, the IMS brand has built a reputation of excellence and reliability in design, manufacturing and the distribution of Arc and Spot Welding machines.

“Serving a professional and industrial audience, the greatest care has been taken throughout all elements of the design and manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality.

“By choosing an IMS machine, you can be sure that they include advanced design technology, have been built with the highest manufacturing standards, and 100 per cent of their machines have been individually tested.

“IMS offer a repair solution for every type of damage, regardless of the substrate.”

For more information on the IMS range contact Autopaint Supplies Ireland on 042 932 8317 or email