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J&S adds Vemo fast mover harness repair sets

J&S Automotive has introduced a new range of fast mover electrical automotive harness repair sets from respected Germany component manufacturer Vemo, which it says offer workshops the opportunity to save time and money on electrical repairs.

The repair sets come preassembled and ready to install and comprise, ultra flexible cables, original gaiters and pre assembled butt or heat shrink connectors. All cables are colour coordinated with the colours matching those of the original harness.

The cables are made form top quality materials, so that they are highly flexible and have outstanding weather proof properties. This means they are both cold and heat resistant and break proof due to the use of silicon isolators.

Product preassembly means that fitting can be done quickly and accurately, with no additional assembly time required. Replacement of the complete harness also means no disassembly time is required. This generally means installation times of as little as 30 to 60 minutes saving considerable time on each job. As only the defective part is being replaced Vemo harness repair kits also offer a more environmentally friendly repair.

The products are made to a patented process by Vemo in Germany meaning they are of a very high quality. Vemo is a highly regarded component supplier in the field of vehicle electrical systems and air conditioning renowned for its product quality and innovation.

J&S say that Vemo harness repair kits offer a very cost effective repair solution with the kits only a fraction of the cost of the original harness. The range includes some 130 references, covering most popular models from vehicle manufacturers such as, BMW, Mercedes, VW, Opel, Ford, Seat and Skoda.

You can now view this on YOUTUBE and see how simple it is to fit!

Vemo harnesses will be available from stockist nationwide. For more information contact J&S Automotive on 01-629 7999 or visit www.j&