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Keyless car thefts on the rise

Owners of premium vehicles and being urged to use multi-layered security measures, including tracking technology, to protect their valuable assets due to a rise in keyless car thefts.

UK-based stolen vehicle recovery specialist, Tracker, has reported that 93 per cent the vehicles recovered in 2020 were stolen as a result of keyless thefts.

Range Rovers were the most popular targets among thieves, accounting for 37 per cent of all vehicles recovered last year.

In total, Tracker says it recovered £9m worth of stolen vehicles during the year – and cars to the value of £563m since it was formed.

Clive Wain, head of police liaison for Tracker said: “The fact that high-end Land Rover and Range Rover cars account for 29 per cent of all stolen vehicles recovered between January and June this year clearly demonstrates these prestige vehicles are being targeted by criminal gangs.

“Often stolen to order; these vehicles are frequently shipped abroad or stripped for parts in a chop shop to meet the growing demand for spare parts. While Range Rovers and Land Rovers have once again been popular cars for thieves this year, prestige SUVs across the board are becoming increasingly hard, or very expensive, to get insurance cover for.

“Thieves will always target vehicles with insufficient security, but sophisticated technology such as keyless entry systems are not deterring high-tech crooks. An important barrier to stop thieves is using traditional physical security devices like steering wheel locks and wheel clamps.

“In addition, placing the key fob into a signal blocking pouch which is lined with layers of metallic material, will stop a key’s signals from reaching the outside world.”