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Kinaxia upgrades with 200 curtainsiders from Tiger Trailers

Kinaxia Logistics, a logistics service in England, has upgraded its fleet with a total of 205 bespoke new curtainsiders from Tiger Trailers.

So far, Kinaxia has invested more than £6 million in the new trailers, which are being deployed across the group as part of a move to standardise its curtainsider fleet. The company plans to order more of them in 2024.

The new, high-specification postless trailers are designed for a 44-tonne operation and stand 4.5 metres tall.

Each is equipped with several safety features, including the Axscend TrailerMaster tracking system, which reports on the status and location of a trailer and alerts the user to any brake or tyre issues.

This is designed to reduce the downtime of a vehicle, boost security and efficiency and ensure compliance.

Tiger Trailers has also installed the Axscend electronic brake performance monitoring system in each of the new curtainsiders. The system provides dynamic, live remote monitoring of a trailer’s braking performance.

Another feature is the Maple Fleet Services SafeConnect system – a safety device that ensures a trailer’s brakes are applied and not inadvertently released during the coupling process – protecting the driver until they safely return to the cab and are in full control of the vehicle.