Lancashire repair centre increases throughout

For the last 25 years, James Alpe in Clitheroe, Lancashire, has grown into more than an Accident Repair Centre. It specialises in unusual and diverse vehicle conversions, like police force vans and ambulances, motor home repairs and rentals, vehicle graphics and much more. And now, another area where James Alpe has seen growth is its Fast Track area for SMART repairs, thanks in large part to Syrox, a refinish brand from Axalta Coating Systems – a leading global manufacturer of liquid and powder coatings. James Alpe has recorded an increased throughput of 15% to 20% for this type of work since the paint system was introduced in 2017.

Lee Shaw, James Alpe managing director, says, “our Fast Track repairs are all about a quick turnaround. They are aimed at walk-in customers who might have a small scratch and don’t want to get their insurance companies involved. But it is a very competitive, price-sensitive market. So, when our paint distributor Cunbar Paints approached us about Syrox, a complete and compact system, we were very interested because it was backed by Axalta and it was so competitively priced.”

Gareth Shaw, Business Development Director at Cunbar Paints, says, “our technicians had extensive training with the Syrox system at the Axalta Refinish Academy in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. We knew it was the perfect fit for James Alpe’s Fast Track service, and it’s been an overwhelming success.”

Over the three days that Cunbar Paints spent at James Alpe demonstrating Syrox, eight cars were painted, and Lee Shaw and his team were so impressed they committed immediately to Syrox.

The technicians from Cunbar Paints then spent a further week at the bodyshop for on-site training, and within a fortnight Syrox was up and running. “It’s like a breath of fresh air,” says Lee Shaw. “Our painters can be a bit picky about which products they use, but they all love working with Syrox.”

In the 12 months since James Alpe switched to Syrox, the company has expanded its Fast Track area to accommodate the increased business it has attracted. Lee Shaw continues, “Syrox has made us very competitive in the SMART repair market, and thanks to its ease of use, we have been able to increase our throughput by close to 20%”.

Victor Pushnoy, Axalta Sales Manager for Syrox in the UK, says, “Syrox is a straight-forward, conventionally-applied refinish system that is economical to use and delivers accurate colour matches. James Alpe is the perfect example of a bodyshop that recognised the benefits of Syrox and has used it to increase business and to grow its customer base. In the year since Syrox was installed, a number of other bodyshops have visited James Alpe to see Syrox at work and have been so swayed they too have switched to the brand.”

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