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Lechler unveils Macrofan Hs Autolevel Primer

Lechler, represented in Ireland by Team PR Reilly unveiled its new primer / filler.

Macrofan HS Autolevel Primer is a new polyacrylic self levelling bi-component Primer / Filler with high solid content, which has been conceived for car repairers demanding more and more flexible performing products.

It can be used both as primer with direct adhesion of wet on wet painting cycles and as insulating filler on dry painting cycles. It can also be used as a primer for plastics.

It is a flexible product which can be used for all the repair processes always guaranteeing maximum efficiency and quality in the painting cycle. The product is available in white, grey and black colours allowing refinishers to reproduce all the intermediate grey shades, encouraging and optimising finishing covering levels.

Macrofan HS Autolevel Primer is particularly recommended for all car repairs where car component replacement is necessary, with direct painting onto sheets in cataphoresis primer or on plastic parts through wet on wet painting cycles, avoiding the sanding phase before and after paint application.
The utilisation of the new Primer/Filler allows you to obtain a high quality painting cycle with economic working costs, guaranteeing a glossy final result without drop off and with good film tension… the proof of the pudding.