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Lesonal Clearcoat takes customer satisfaction to a new level

Of all the trends visible in today’s rapidly changing bodyshop market, one of the most notable is rising customer expectations of getting a better finish, even faster. As part of its commitment to helping the bodyshops raise their performance, AkzoNobel has developed a new clearcoat for its Lesonal range: 2K Titanium Clear.

Jon Amor, AkzoNobel’s VR Premium Sales Manager, UK & Ireland, explains: “Customers want their vehicles to be repaired faster, but at the same time they are looking for a great finish. The challenge for bodyshops is to make processes both fast and efficient, so that excellent results can be achieved at a cost that keeps their business profitable and competitive.”


He continues: “In creating Lesonal 2K Titanium Clear, which is based on the latest patented binder technology, we have worked to combine speed and efficiency with a perfect OEM-matched finish. It has also been designed for flexible application, which is a great help to bodyshop managers and painters alike.”

Its flexibility comes from allowing process parameters to be adjusted to match the bodyshop’s scheduling and the type of job – which could be anything from a spot repair to an entire respray. Temperatures, thinner options and drying times can be varied according the particular efficiency objectives of the business, which might be maximizing throughput, optimizing spray booth utilization, reducing energy and material consumption, or a combination of factors.

With these choices, the painter can decide on the balance between speed and energy efficiency for each individual job. The clearcoat’s rapid and strong through hardening further increases productivity by allowing sprayed panels to be handled and polished immediately after baking. The polishing process itself has been optimized for ease, speed and efficiency, and is designed to produce the right result first time.

AkzoNobel notes that the product offers additional cost-saving and environmental benefits including a potlife in excess of 1.5 hours, which reduces waste and mixing time, and a doubled percentage of renewable raw materials in its manufacture.

Summing up the latest development, Jon says: “By constantly studying the market and seeking information from bodyshops on their changing needs we are able to help businesses to stay ahead of the trends. Lesonal 2K Titanium Clear is a good example of how we react to new demands. You can be certain that the future will hold many other fresh challenges, but that AkzoNobel will always be there with innovations to maintain its customers’ competitive edge.”