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Line-X exhibits protective coatings

LINE-X Protective Coatings Ltd showcased its range of spray applied, hard wearing protective coatings utilised across the motor industry at the CV Show this week.

LINE-X has been specially formulated to absorb impact and is extremely durable which means the LINE-X coating will not crack, split or warp, and will resist scratches and dings. LINE-X is sprayed to an even textured finish which helps reduce load shift. LINE-X bonds to the substrate of the cargo area and moulds around every contour providing a watertight seal that prevents liquids, dirt, sand and gravel from coming into to contact with the base metal of your vehicle, preventing rust and corrosion.


The LINE-X advantages continue. The tough consistent surface is resistant to most common chemicals, is easily cleaned [jet washable], certified food safe and can also be applied with antimicrobial additive that has been independently proven to reduce MRSA and Salmonella by 99.9%.

LINE-X is professionally applied and available in virtually any colour. With a touch dry time of 3-5 seconds, a LINE-X Dealership can have your vehicle back on the road much faster than many of our competitors. LINE-X is extremely environmentally conscious as it does not contain any VOC’s CFC’s or Solvents.

The resilient LINE-X Coating is being specified on more and more fleets due to the extreme properties of the LINE-X Coating that include impact and abrasion resistance, hard wearing, water-proof, scratch resistance, universal fit, large range of colours and much more.

LINE-X has its advantages from an applicators point of view:

“LINE-X is great to work with as it is a spray applied product which is touch dry in 3-5 seconds without the need for a heated booth or oven, which makes LINE-X applications quick and adaptable, allowing a fast return to service for any vehicle.

LINE-X is also VOC, CFC and solvent free. As it contains none of these harmfully elements LINE-X is environmentally safe to spray, unlike other protective coatings I have worked with in the past.”

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