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Lord Fusor at the forefront of manufacturing expertise

Vehicles are changing — and so is the repair industry. Not only are new vehicle designs and manufacturing technologies driving change, but the ongoing development of compliant repair processes for vehicle accident damage repair are having a huge impact on the industry.

The latest revision of the BS10125 standard reflects the advanced and demanding technical applications and best working practices required for the safe, effective and quality of vehicle repair. It goes without saying that the industry is all the better for it as bodyshops are willing and able to demonstrate the highest working competences and standards across all areas of the business operation.

For over 40 years Lord Fusor has been at the forefront of manufacturing expertise and a market leading provider of advanced bonding and sealing technology for both OEM and aftermarket repair. Keeping pace with and indeed ahead of the technical challenges drives innovation. High performance 2K epoxy, acrylic and urethane technologies deliver the innovation, assurance, customer value and reduced cycle times for the professional bodyshop.

Critical early stages of collision repair start with the understanding of the complexities of the repair process required and the recommended guidelines for compliant repair. Avoiding recommendations or misuse can affect the repair’s outcome and integrity of the vehicle.

Fusor’s mindset is to ensure the technician’s repair decision is robust and based on a number of key fundamentals. Here are some key takeaways that every collision repair technician must consider for each repair in 2020.

Original equipment manufacturer repair procedures should always be considered as the standard. These repair procedures are agreed upon industry-wide as the repairing standard. The intent of setting recommended guidelines and repair procedures as the standard was to make sure that any shop technician performing a repair really understands what it means to correctly fix the vehicle.

Repair materials and consumables integral to the repair process must be known to plan the compliant repair. Fusor’s online access to technical resource for literature and standard operating procedures (SOP) provides a comprehensive guide for the bodyshop technician. Product, process and application decisions are no longer cumbersome nor complicated.

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) outline the process, responsibilities, and methods to ensure a quality repair. SOPs are the foundation for quality repairs. Each process step in a repair facility should have a SOP that everyone in the shop is trained on and adheres to for overall consistency. Having an SOP is confirmation that best working practice is being applied.

Training is crucial for the continued development of the technician’s skill set and the bodyshop’s overall efficiency and success. While it may seem there is never enough time or enough budget to invest in training, it cannot be argued that investment in the bodyshop’s most valuable asset is essential. Product induction and process training should be constant and ongoing. Fusor’s online resource has over 50 video tutorials to provide the technical support the bodyshop needs.

Communicating brand innovation is an essential channel for adding customer value. Lord Fusor Repair Adhesives are rapidly improving work times, turn-around times and overall quality in the collision repair industry. Repair planning should be comprehensive, allowing the bodyshop to fully understand the scope of the repair.

A detailed plan reduces or even eliminates, grey areas and approval friction, resulting in clear expectations on schedule, time and costs. Contemporary planning takes the old concept of “estimating” to a new level, because it incorporates all information from the research phase, tear down and measuring, and product selection.

Relationships are at the core of any business. Like personal relationships, business relationships can be impacted by emotions of the moment, often triggered by stress or miscommunications. Often, all that is needed is self-monitoring and a reboot of a given conversation. It is also important to refer to comprehensive repair plans with backup documentation — these can support business relationships by improving clarity.

Bodyshops throughout the UK and Ireland are using Fusor repair adhesives and sealants to restore and return vehicles to pre-accident condition.

For more information on how Lord Fusor can improve your bodyshop performance and repair efficiency contact INDASA Abrasives (UK) Ltd @INDASAUK.