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Mahle offers fuel filter fitting advice

Filter specialists, Mahle is offering mechanics and technicians advice on the proper fitment of fuel filters.

If the engine does not start or fuel leaks occur following a filter change, the cause is often to be found in the filter being incorrectly fitted, Mahle says.

It is important to fit the seal and the filter element the right way round.  If fitted the wrong way round, leaks will occur in the system, which may lead to the intake of air and to starting problems or a fuel leak.

If the sealing ring becomes detached from the cover during dismantling, it can remain inside the filter element and be disposed of with the old filter. If this is not noticed, unfiltered fuel will reach the injection system during operation. Caution: the harmful consequences of this installation error are not immediately detectable; how- ever, wear on the fuel system is continuously increased.