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Maximise the benefits of Standox Xtreme System

Standox is setting new standards for fast and energy-efficient car refinishing with its innovative Xtreme System. Kevin Welling, Training Academy Manager for Axalta in the UK and Ireland, explains how professional bodyshops can reliably get the most out of it.

Use the Xtreme products together
“All the products in the Xtreme System – the U3000 Express Prep Wipes, the Standocryl VOC Xtreme Filler U7600, the VOC Xtreme Wet-on-Wet Filler U7650 and the Standocryl VOC Xtreme Clear K9580 – are all applied one after the other, in one operation because they have been formulated to work together. In order to realise the system’s full potential, Standox recommends that all components of the Xtreme System are used together, from the Prep Wipes to the Clear. The rapid drying of the individual products allows a new part to be refinished in just 36 minutes.”

Familiarise yourself with new technologies
“When using some Xtreme products, the workflow is different, so refinishers should ensure they refer to the Technical Data Sheets (TDS) before they start application. For example, the Standox U3000 Express Prep Wipes are not used for cleaning the substrate. They ensure excellent corrosion protection of metallic substrates and good adhesion of the subsequent layers. It is also important to note that after they are used, VOC Xtreme Filler U7600 or VOC Xtreme Wet-on-Wet Filler U7650 must be applied within 15 minutes.”

Benefit from flexible application and energy savings
“The outstanding advantage of the Xtreme System is that all components dry very quickly – at 40°C or at just 20°C. This gives refinishers the opportunity to work flexibly, adapt their workflow and spray booth capacity while also addressing energy consumption. By eliminating the need for forced drying, bodyshops can save up to 70 percent on energy costs – while freeing up the spray booth for other jobs.”

Standox videos offer more practical tips
“The series of training videos from Standox – Standovision – can be found at They provide valuable expert tips on how to use the Xtreme System, efficient wet-on-wet filler application, setting up the spray gun properly and other practical preparation tips to ensure refinishers achieve fast, high-quality and right first-time results.”