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Mercedes-Benz set to make driving safer and more efficient

Mercedes-Benz is set to make driving driving safer and more efficient than ever before with the introduction of new revolutionary technology.

Car-to-X Communication, is set to launch in series production vehicles at the end of the year. This sophisticated technology is designed to warn drivers of impending danger or traffic problems on the road ahead, giving them enough time to avoid or even prevent a crash.

The technology is based on a system of wireless sensors that establish networked links between vehicles, as well as between vehicles and traffic infrastructure. This allows the vehicle to “see” potential hazards before they are perceived by the driver – for example wrong-way drivers, a broken-down car or dangerous road conditions.

Unlike conventional sensors, “this has the advantage that we are able to obtain information from points far outside the driver’s field of vision”, explains Dr. Christian Weiss, head of Car-to-X Communication at Mercedes-Benz Development.

Car-to-X Communication will initially be deployed as part of Mercedes-Benz’s Drive Kit Plus, which in combination with a smartphone and our Digital DriveStyle app, turns each vehicle into a simultaneous transmitter and receiver of up-to-the-minute information.

This information is then integrated with new assistance systems that complement the car’s “Intelligent Drive” strategy, enhancing both safety and efficiency for all road users.