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Meyle-HD ball joints remedy joint failure

Workshops now have a solution to reliably remedy joint failure on the Renault Master and Trafic models, with Meyle-HD ball joints.

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To achieve this, engineers at Wulf Gaertner Autoparts AG have reinforced the ball joint’s individual components along with the corresponding tie rod end and control arm assemblies, all of which are supplied in superior Meyle-HD quality.

Meyle-HD ball joints – developed by Hamburg manufacturer Wulf Gaertner Autoparts – are engineered to provide improved load-carrying capabilities. Meyle-HD ball joints feature an extremely wear-resistant plastic socket. Specially formulated high-performance grease ensures full compatibility with the materials making up the joint, i.e. steel and plastics.

Under all operating conditions, the grease provides a constant lubricant film between the ball pin and plastic socket thereby ensuring smooth movement in the ball joint. Owing to the technical improvements over the OE design, the Meyle-HD ball joint for Renault vans, comes with an extended four-year guarantee, as do all items in the Meyle-HD range.

Meyle workshop advice I: The ball joint (Meyle no.: 616 010 0005/HD) on a Renault Master II must not be extracted from the control arm more than once. A small groove on the ball joint indicates if the part has already been removed before. If there is a groove, the entire control arm assembly needs to be replaced. Extracting the ball joint a second time may result in a loss of press-out force, consequently leading to the ball joint not fitting tightly enough in the control arm. Following the replacement of either the ball joint or the entire control arm assembly, an axle alignment must be performed.

Meyle workshop advice II: To enable workshops to offer comprehensive repair services to professional standards the company supplies Meyle-HD ball joints (Meyle ref.:16-16 010 0005/HD) and the corresponding Meyle-HD quality tie rod end and control arm assemblies for the Renault Trafic III:

Meyle-HD tie rod ends (Meyle no.: 16-16 020 0008/HD and 16-16 020 0009/HD)

Meyle-HD control arms (Meyle no.: 16-16 050 0017/HD and 16-16 050 0018/HD)

Contact Strongline Autoparts Limited on (01) 462 4631 for further details.