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Meyle keeps a keen eye on repair procedures

With a keen eye on workshop process efficiency the spare parts manufacturer Meyle is continually expanding its range of services and solutions geared to the needs of professional repairers.

To date, the company’s experts have redesigned some 700 automotive components to outshine their OE counterparts in terms of durability and reliability. “We can give a 4-year warranty because all parts marketed under our Meyle-HD premium brand are designed to last”, says Sven Nielsen, Technical Director at Meyle. “This way, we help repair businesses to prevent customer complaints and become their customers’ trusted partner: a textbook example of a win-win situation.” To achieve this, repair shops must find a way to streamline operations and repair processes.


Ease of installation saves time and money
“We scrutinise automotive components to find new ways of reducing repair effort while maximising the efficiency of preceding and following processes”, says Sven Nielsen. “Because it’s often trivial things that make repairs unnecessarily costly”, he continues, explaining that sometimes entire assemblies need to be replaced even though only individual components are defective. That it doesn’t have to be that way is expertly demonstrated by Meyle’s solution for axle carriers. The bushing is a classic wear and tear part and therefore subject to heavy strain whenever the car is in operation. Acting as a damping element, the rubber compound is the weakest link in the bushing and therefore the first component to fail. Often, the entire axle carrier has to be replaced even if only the rubber component of the bushing is worn. Meyle’s engineers have developed bushings which are available separately, making it possible to replace just the bushing by pressing the old one out and the new one in. This saves a lot of time, cuts repair costs and allows for a more efficient use of repair resources.

Meyle is the first company to supply a one-stop kit for the Mercedes A Class front axle repair.  Sourcing all parts as a kit does away with the chore of ordering all the parts needed individually, leaving the mechanic more time to concentrate on the job. Thus for example most Meyle Platinum Discs with UV paint finish already come with the corresponding locating screws included.

Oil changes also tend to be a time-consuming and costly affair, all too often making this an unprofitable service for the workshop. With its range of 30 repair-friendly oil change kits Meyle offers a full-service solution catering for over 2,800 vehicle applications equipped with the most popular gearbox types. The special feature: The kits come with a full set of components required for time-efficient high-quality oil changes, including filters, seals, screws, drain/intake plugs, magnets and four to eight litres of ATF transmission fluid depending on the application. This allows workshops to offer an even wider range of maintenance services, which can be carried out swifter and smoother than ever.
To help workshops check for and localise worn parts with little effort Meyle offers a joint play tester, allowing steering and suspension parts to be checked for wear quickly, easily and reliably. Moving the lever arm delicately will allow repair professionals to sense even the slightest damage to ball joints, bearings and bushings and other front or rear axle wheel suspension components. A lifting platform is not required. Used as a wheel gripper, the tool helps remove tight wheels from passenger cars, SUVs and vans with wheel diameters of between 550mm and approx. 800mm. The two-in-one tool saves repair professionals valuable time and effort.

It’s all about product quality and information
Finding the correct spare part and installation information swiftly is a major day-to-day challenge for workshop professionals. The new “Meyle Cat” app is an easy-to-use software application offering clearly structured technical information in six different languages along with product images on all Meyle-HD parts and can also be used offline. With five different options to launch article search, including vehicle or product group criteria, the Meyle app was developed to help repair professionals find the spares they need quickly and easily. On a single page the app features clearly structured product information and 360-degree illustrations for over 200 items.

To support workshops in the best possible way with the removal and installation of Meyle parts, the company also hosts a YouTube channel called “Meyle TV”. Here, repair professionals will find information on the company and new products along with step-by-step technical videos and practical advice from the field. There are three videos available so far, highlighting the new joint play tester and demonstrating how to remove and install new brake discs and pads. Produced at the company’s own training workshop, more videos will be following. “With our videos we want to give an answer to all the questions repair professionals and technology enthusiasts encounter when working on a car”, explains Sven Nielsen.
Excellent part availability and swift deliveries

Meyle is continually expanding its product portfolio to enable independent workshops to offer repair services for a wide variety of car makes. At its head offices, the company has nearly doubled storage capacity to create the space required to accommodate a growing product range while meeting ever more demanding customer requirements for immediate part availability. Thanks to the new warehouse building the company ensures continued product availability and even swifter deliveries to customer worldwide.

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