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MIRKA® DEROS – packed with electrifying features

The Mirka Power Tools unit continues to set the pace for innovative design, powerful performance and clever features.
Mirka saw a clear market need for a small, light ergonomic electric sander aimed at multipurpose use and set about developing a machine with an industry leading list of features and benefits. The result is the MIRKA® DEROS (Direct Electric Random Orbital Sander) – not only the first ever electric sanding machine with a brushless motor and no external power supply, it is also light, powerful, ultra-reliable and offers far superior performance to conventional electric and pneumatic sanders.

mirkaThanks to its high efficiency patented brushless motor, the MIRKA® DEROS also has plenty of power to get the job done quickly. Indeed, its performance is actually comparable to a conventional 500W electric machine and that ensures it maintains a constant speed even under heavy load. The innovative design of the brushless motor means there are few wearing components so it is low maintenance, ultra-reliable and has a long lifespan. In contrast to conventional electric machines, the MIRKA® DEROS also features a ‘closed construction’ which prevents dust from entering the motor where it can cause wear and damage.

Mirka’s trademark attention to detail has created a machine packed with ground-breaking features. This includes a soft start function, a built in electronic motor brake and a smooth, easy to operate lever to control motor speed. In addition, the power cord is removable and interchangeable.

As with all Mirka machines, excellent ergonomic design was a top priority to ensure the MIRKA® DEROS can comfortably be used for long periods without fatigue. For example, gripping the machine is more controlled and relaxed thanks to extra space for the ring and little finger. The unique symmetrical design makes it just as comfortable whether it’s being used in the left hand or the right hand and the longer body provides the option of a two-hand grip. What’s more, with no external power supply required, it also gives users a valuable advantage in terms of ease of manoeuvrability.

The extremely compact brushless electric motor has allowed the entire machine to be kept exceptionally compact in size. Indeed, at only 950 mm high and 1 kg in weight, the MIRKA® DEROS is around half the size and weight of conventional electric sanders currently on the market. MIRKA® DEROS is equipped with a new type of backing pad, who has a central air inlet which results in improved air flow and helps extract dust away from the centre of the tool even faster. MIRKA® DEROS is designed to work perfectly with Mirka’s revolutionary NET abrasives. Combined with a dust extraction system, it gives you a cleaner work environment, better control over the job and a higher quality finish – completely dust-free!