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Mirka to further reduce emissions from production

Mirka has committed to sustainable methods of production, reducing the carbon dioxide emissions of its production facilities by 56 per cent during 2021-2022.

As well as repurposing waste for energy, the Adven power plant next to the Mirka factory in Jeppo, Finland recovers heat and purifies water from factory production processes. There is an adjacent reserve power plant, which runs on three different fuels: liquified petroleum gas, biogas and biomethane. From these three, biogas and biomethane are produced locally in Jeppo.

Starting in 2023, Mirka and Adven will begin the switch from fossil-based LPG. The Adven 10MW steam power plant, set to be built in 2023-2024, will reduce carbon emissions from energy production by some 5,500 tons on a yearly level.

A 2,5 MWp solar power plant will be built alongside, producing some 2,000 MWh of electricity for the factory per year. Energy production will be monitored and adjusted with a smart control system, which automatically switches to the cheapest method of energy production.

“After ceasing to use heavy oil at Mirka in 2012, we have constantly improved our energy efficiency and reduced the environmental effects of our production”, says Jari Lemberg, project office manager at Mirka. “The new phase will again reduce our carbon dioxide emissions by a third, compared to the current level.”

The project will be completed in two parts, with funding from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland. The solar power plant will go online in the spring of 2024 and the rest of the power plant project will see completion by the end of the year.