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Motul launches BioClean

Motul has launched BioClean, its sustainable parts cleaning system for workshops, garages and industrial plants.

Cleaning parts is an inevitable part of the service and repair process in automotive workshops. It has usually been done using harmful cold cleaners and solvents.

Motul, a brand long known for innovation in the lubricant and fluids sector (the first company to offer Multigrade, Semi-Synthetic and Fully Synthetic motor oils) says its BioClean system is a sustainable alternative to standard cold cleaning technology.

Traditional cleaning systems, employ fluids that pose a danger to people because they are harmful substances, unpleasant odour-producing solvents and are a hazard to the environment, bringing with them the danger of fire and the risk of damage to surfaces.

They also require high energy consumption, and incur expensive downstream disposal costs, together with all of the hassle of managing the waste they produce.

Motul BioClean is an all-in-one efficient, environmentally friendly parts cleaning system that consists of a wash stand and a water-based cleaning fluid that gets its cleaning power from natural bio-microorganisms.

At a stroke, it overcomes all of the issues of traditional cold cleaning and, performance-wise, its cleaning effect in removing and decomposing mineral oils, greases, waxes, machining oils and other impurities – on a variety of surfaces from steel of all types, through aluminium, plastics and even painted surfaces – is at least as good as traditional cold cleaning and, in addition, BioClean retains its level of performance over a much longer period of time.

The potential applications are obviously widespread, and BioClean is pitched at relevant businesses of every size, all of whom who should see multiple benefits from its use.

Like Motul products over the ages it has already been tested through Motul’s motorsport programme. “It is not always easy to reconcile environmental protection and work,” explains classic car race preparation expert and former BTCC Champion, Andrew Jordan.

“The new Motul BioClean cleaning system helps us to reduce both the environmental impact of cleaning processes and the risk for employees in the workshop from dangerous chemicals. We are pleased that, together with Motul, we are making a major contribution to environmental protection and can still provide the best performance.”

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