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Multiprogram UHS Hardeners to work more efficiently

Over the past five years, Lechler has worked dilegently to rationalise its range of hardeners, to make simpler for refinishers.

The company says it has completed the task and that all Macrofan System hardeners (slow, standard, fast, ultra fast) can now be used with UHS Clearcoats, and with all the Macrofan System topcoats (MAC4, MAC14-15-16) and fillers, even for fillers in ready for use colours.

The use of our UHS hardeners allows users to maintain the product’s performance, with respect to the limits of maximum VOC concentration recommended by European legislation.

Furthermore, Lechler says it has made an up-to-date version of the Multiprogram Navigator, to enable hardener selection.

This small booklet contains all the possible product/hardener/thinner combinations: a simple and smart consultation tool divided by product code.
For each code the user will find the quality and the quantity of hardeners and thinners which can be used.