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New 5-piece brake component cleaning and inspection kit from Laser Tools

Brake service means much more than just fitting a new set of pads. Best practice in the workshop means cleaning corroded discs and removing dirt and debris from the calipers and linkages. That’s why Laser Tools has introduced this new 5-piece brake component cleaning and inspection kit.

The kit includes five useful brake component cleaning tools: a steel brush for cleaning brake dust from steel calipers and a brass bristled brush for aluminium calipers. These are stiff-bristled brushes that will rip into corrosion, dirt and built-up brake dust.

The caliper carrier file: this narrow 10 millimetre-wide file quickly removes corrosion and cleans up the caliper carrier areas restoring free movement of the caliper.

The double-edged scraper: the super-hard tungsten carbide steel edge removes stubborn brake dust build-up and is very effective at removing heavy corrosion from the discs.

Finally, the patented brake pipe corrosion tool — it is used to clean off and check the condition of metal brake pipes. It easily removes damaged plastic coatings and any underlying corrosion letting you see if the pipe is safe and sound.

The set is presented in a shallow foam tray, designed to fit neatly into the tool chest drawer.

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