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New bodyshop handwipe duo from 3M

New bodyshop handwipe duo from 3M
Diversified technology company 3M has introduced two new handwipe products into its bodyshop supplies portfolio. The new wipes, which replace the existing single solution from the 3M Automotive Aftermarket Division, offer a choice of surface texture depending on the level of soil to be tackled.

Professional Handwipes from 3M are pre-impregnated with a specially formulated cleanser which will remove common bodyshop soils such as oil, wet or dried paint, grease, grime, ink and adhesives. Smooth on both sides, they leave hands clean and moisturised and have an anti-bacterial agent for additional long-lasting protection in the work environment. Also designed for the removal of soils commonly found in paintshops, Heavy Duty Textured Handwipes from 3M offer the same benefits as the Professional version, but have a textured surface on one side that provides a scrubbing action for the removal of harsher soils.

Describing the move from one product to two, Richard Burn of the 3M Automotive Aftermarket Division says: “The cleanser with which the wipes are impregnated has a powerful and highly absorbent formulation which offers improved performance. By introducing the two different grades, we are giving operatives a choice depending on how stubborn the soils to be removed are. We have trialled both versions in working environments and have had excellent feedback on performance with even very tough stains.”

The Professional Handwipes and the Heavy Duty Textured Handwipes from 3M contain 150 and 100 handwipes per tub respectively and are available in packs of four tubs. The tubs are distinctively designed for easy selection, with the Professional version in red, silver and blue and the Heavy Duty in orange, black and red. For details, visit