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New bonding module added to Loctite Xplore platform

Loctite has added a new bonding module to its Xplore e-learning platform.

Comprising five modules, ‘An Introduction to Bonding’ provides a good grounding on the science behind the subject through to its practical application.

It compares the use of adhesives with mechanical joining alternatives such as riveting, bolting and welding and takes the viewer into the lab to show each joining method being tested to destruction.

It explores how bonding is used in so many modern technologies and explains how it makes joints more reliable, products more durable, lowers manufacturing costs, elevates production throughput and opens up new design options.

The presentation also looks at the common myths surrounding adhesives and gives the viewer a step-by-step guide to the recommended preparatory steps to improve adhesion and how to achieve the most effective bond.

The Loctite Xplore platform has been optimised for use on mobile devices to ensure this resource is also available in the field.

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