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New Bosch Aerotwin Plus: innovative technology clearly the way forward

Developed and manufactured to the highest standard, the new Aerotwin Plus range features Bosch’s Power Protection Plus (P.P.P), a unique wiper rubber with a patented coating.

Designed to offer the smoothest, quietest and most efficient wiper performance, the new range incorporates innovative rubber with flat-blade technology. Compatible with 93 per cent of vehicles with OE fit flat blades; the new line provides quick and easy coverage of the majority of car makes and models.

The Aerotwin Plus’ new adapter system provides greater flexibility and ensures the highest numbers of vehicles are supported by each wiper blade. Each wiper blade is compatible with 10 different types of wiper arm and, with just 15 single part numbers and four separate adapters, Aerotwin Plus wiper blades can be fitted to vehicles with speed and ease. The simplicity of the adapter mechanism means they can be installed by both motorists and technicians.

As modern vehicles develop, designers and engineers look to maximise fuel efficiency through improved aerodynamics – with the curve and angle of the windscreen a critical element. Designed without the traditional metal frame, flat-blade wiper technology ensures that the pressure of the blade is evenly distributed over all shapes of windscreen.

Product specialist, wipers and lighting at Bosch, Kiran Wade, said: “The new Bosch Aerotwin Plus has taken the benefits of flat-blade technology and built on it, by developing a new kind of rubber. The longer service life of the product means the blades are both reliable and economical. Motorists will notice the reduction in noise, as well as superior performance, when driving in challenging conditions.”

The new Aerotwin Plus range is supported by a new catalogue as well as Bosch’s new packaging, which is currently being implemented across all of its automotive product ranges. These will align them with the company’s new corporate design and, along with the catalogue, help the trade and consumers quickly and easily identify the right products.

For more information on the new Aerotwin Plus wiper range visit to use Bosch’s handy product finder.