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New Brigade Electronics catalogue now available

Brigade Electronics, a market leader in vehicle safety systems has unveiled its 2013 catalogue.

The company supplies with a comprehensive range of products to reduce the risk of collision and maximise efficiency, including camera monitor systems, reversing alarms, ultrasonic proximity sensors, digital recorders and a thermal image camera. 

The catalogue is packed with brand new products, updates to existing items and for the first time ever you can see itd best selling products quickly and easily.

Brigade Electronics has confirmed that it will return to the CV show in April to launch its most intelligent camera monitor system yet. Four ultra-wide angle cameras with 187° lenses eliminate vehicle blind spots to provide a 360° view in a single image.360-pic

Brigade Smarteye™ powered by ASL360, is a sophisticated camera system that provides the driver with a bird’s-eyeview of the vehicle for effortless manoeuvring.

Intelligent software flattens the raw fisheye images and bespoke blending techniques stitch them together to provide a seamless view on the monitor. The stitch lines can be positioned to suit your vehicle, providing the best visibility for critical blind spots at all heights. The software also balances the lighting across all views for an even, real-time image.

Emily Randall, Brigade’s marketing communications manager said: “This revolutionary process takes camera monitor systems to the next level in the advancement of vehicle safety, providing ultimate visibility and reducing driver overload by presenting the driver’s landscape on one monitor. Operators can even choose vehicle type and livery so they see the actual vehicle footprint on the monitor, making the image recognisable to the driver.”

Unlike other systems, Brigade Smarteye™ is highly accurate in setup, automatically preventing calibration on uneven ground thereby helping avoid accidental blind spots and making safety paramount from the beginning. The self-monitoring system automatically switches off a camera in the event of a malfunction, guaranteeing there are no frozen frames and encouraging the operator to seek further diagnostics.

Brigade Smarteye™ will be installed and calibrated by approved, professional, qualified engineers to provide customers with confidence and peace of mind. Visitors to the CV show will be able to view Smarteye™ on Brigade’s demonstration vehicle.

Wireless camera-monitor systems have been on the market for several years but have demonstrated poor picture quality caused by electrical interference from other vehicle systems. Historically Brigade found that wireless systems only worked in optimal conditions, not typical in the Quarry and heavy plant and equipment sector and as safety experts, did not want to bring a product to market that was not safe.

New digital technology has vastly improved the stability of picture performance. The wireless system saves running cables along the vehicle reducing fitting time and preventing cables from becoming damaged, especially relevant for articulated machinery.