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New car sales plummet in April

New car sales fell by 22 per cent in April, compared to the same month last year, and by seven per cent, year to date, figures released by the society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) confirm.

SIMI says the figures reflect the decline in showroom footfall around the country and lack of retail activity.

Alan Nolan, Director General of the SIMI commented: “While the industry is still trying to drive sales, the reality is that the peak selling period of 2012 is now over. Because of the seasonal nature of car sales, sales will continue to decline month on month for the rest of the year.”

“Every year, we see the same pattern; a spike in car sales in January and then a decline, month on month.”

“What this means is that staff who are taken on for the busy first quarter, often have to be let go mid year because of the lack of activity throughout the rest of the year.”

In the first six months of 2011, 1,300 jobs were created. However, in each subsequent quarter of the year, there was a decline in employment.