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New colour measuring device

Forward -looking refinishers measure colours electronically. As of now, Spies Hecker is offering its new colourDialog Delta-Scan in addition to the colourDialog spectro.

Spies Hecker_DeltaScan3

The refinisher’s working environment is being increasingly dominated by such electronic equipment as colour measuring devices, intelligent colour software and electronic mixing scales. “With digital colour management in the bodyshop, the refinisher can accurately and, above all, quickly identify colours, correct them and precisely mix the refinish paint,” Dietmar Wegener, colour specialist at Spies Hecker, explains.

In addition to the well-known colorDialog spectro, Spies Hecker is now offering a new measuring device. “The newly developed colorDialog Delta-Scan is a very convenient way of measuring colours and is operated via a touchscreen,” Wegener stresses, adding: “The device measures the colour and effect in a single process. And this simplifies evaluation.” The Delta-Scan also has an internal data┬ámemory from which the car manufacturer and other colour information can be directly retrieved.

The Delta-Scan measures the colour on the paint surface with multi-angle measuring optics and immediately analyses the colour effect as well. “A rubber ring on the measuring head excludes incidental light and reflections. In addition, four contact pins on the head make sure that the device sits firmly on the surface. LEDs increase the light intensity during measurement and contribute to an accurate result. Also new on the colourDialog Delta-Scan is the colour touchscreen ensuring straightforward menu guidance with neatly arranged and self-explanatory icons. Calibration of the Delta-Scan saves time as well, with the workload involved being reduced by the much longer intervals: “The refinisher usually has to calibrate the device once a month.”

The CRplus software has also been updated. The software module stands for simple application and evaluation of the measured data. The readings are automatically compared with the 250,000 formulas in the database. colour comparison on the screen is extremely user-friendly. For each measurement, the software issues a colour formula that can be compared on the screen with the measured data. Comparison with colour chips is now a thing of the past. From now on, the refinisher can work entirely digitally.

Spies Hecker is now offering bodyshops two efficient devices for digital colour measurement, the innovative colorDialog Delta-Scan and the established colourDialog spectro.